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Intranet Development
Stay connected digitally, too collaborate, share and communicate without all the e-mails, phone calls, shared drives, and waiting for someone to log out so you can log in.
Performance Review Customization
Move away from generic appraisal forms. Connect with the actual work and its performance.
Change Management
No, it’s not changing the managers.   It’s managing the change required in an organization to move in a different direction.  COVID-19 forced that on all of us, were you ready?  Are you ready now?
Process Risk Identification
Gaps are in every process, the challenge is what are they and how are they costing you.  Covid-19 taught us some of that.
Lean Workshop- Identifying waste as an Oranizatinon
Every person in the organization is responsible for reducing the (waste) cost in doing business. Everybody needs to think about reducing that waste.

Why choose PEMG?

We understand the context of change within our environment.  We’re not selling software, our mission is to provide solutions to improve the capabilities of your business for the longterm.  Think of us as your Innovation Center.
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The Process Advantage

Innovative, transparent, agile, strategic and highly transformational are not just buzz words but are real advantages to a process centric organization.
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Continuous Improvement

All processes are inherent to some drift .  What is drift?  Drift is the gradual moving away form established policies and procedures.  How do we see drift?  How much could it cost us and what’s the impact?
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Digital Transformation

What are we transforming?  The technology or the process?  What is being transformed and what is being replaced? What are sme pitfalls to avoid?
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Want digital transformation?
It starts with the process transformation.


Mission: Support the evolution of businesses through lean process management and continuous improvement; test and measure innovative and profitable solutions. Results you can see and improvement you can measure.
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